Using WSFTP-LE Version 5.08

What is It? WSFTP-LE is program that uploads files from your computer, across the network to a web site. It can also download files from other ftp servers to your computer's hard drive. This program only works for windows computers.

What is FTP? FTP is the abbreviation of File Transfer Protocol. It's a protocol used on the Internet for sending files from one computer to another.

Configuring WSFTP-LE

The very first time you run WSFTP-LE, you should see the following screen (image below.) In the following steps, we'll change all this so that you can upload stuff to your C141Heaven FTP Account.

First, connect to the Internet as you normally do.

Step 1) The General Tab

A) Click on the button labeled "new." This will clear all the fields.

B) Make up a "profile name." It can be anything you want. Use something easy like, "C141 Heaven FTP."

C) The Host Name/Address should be

D) Set the Host Type to "Automatic detect"

E) If "Anonymous" has a check mark next to it, un-check it.

F) The User ID should be the account name that I have given you. You will have received an email from me with your account name and password. The general format will be something like For example, if your assigned user id is 'kilroy' your user id would be : It looks just like an email address, but it is not. The FTP account only gives you access to a special account folder I will create for you so you can upload your files.

Please contact me via email to get the account information if you don't have it already.

G) Enter your assigned password in the password field and check the "Save Password" checkbox. This will cause WSFTP_LE to remember your password the next time you open the program.

H) The "Account" field can be left blank.

You are done with this screen. At this point, this is all you need to do to connect to your FTP folder on C141 and upload files. Click on APPLY to save the changes.

Step 2) Connect

Click the "OK" button. wsftp-le will attempt to connect to your FTP account on

If there was no problems, the text at the bottom of the wsftp-le window should say something like 226 Transfer Complete. If you have not uploaded any files, you should see a single entry on the right side of the screen that says ".ftpquota". If you have previously uploaded files, they should be displayed if I have not already moved them out of your upload directory for review and posting in the appropriate area on the web site.

If there was a problem with your login or password, there should be some red text at the bottom of the wsftp-le window that says something like, "530 Login Incorrect"

Gererally, in computing, when you see some bright red text, you've done something wrong. Click the Connect button again, it will bring up the Session Properties window. Navigate through the windows tabs and see if there are any type-o's Make sure your password and username are correct. Confusion over the username and password is the number one stumbling block for newbies.

Once your connected, you should see something like the above graphic. The local folder and remote folder contents will be different for your account, but otherwise it should look very similar. Check the AUTO check box located next to the "Binary" radio button.

Everything is configured, your are ready to start transferring files. To transfer files from you local computer, navigate to the desired location using the browse options on the top of the left side of the screen and locate the files you want to transfer. Then simply "drag and drop" them over to the FTP directory on the right side. To learn more about how to transfer files. Click on the help button. Under the help contents tab, double-click on the "Working With Files" section.