It's already won a 'BrokeBack Oscar'

A little while ago somebody sent me a short list of rejected titles for Brokeback Mountain. With a little bit of thought the list was expanded to include many more titles. If you can think of more titles please send them along and we'll get them added to these lists.

Following the rejected titles you'll find some actual western movie titles that need no changing at all.

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  1. a fist full of poo
  2. a fistful of ned
  3. asses wild
  4. balls of san angelo
  5. bareback mounting
  6. big black beauty
  7. billy the kid comes again
  8. bone-nanza
  9. butch, lick my gun
  10. destry rides again... and again
  11. doc's holiday with billy the kid
  12. dong of the gringo
  13. don't mess with tex' ass
  14. he wore a yellow ribbon
  15. hi, plains drifter!
  16. high nooner
  17. home on the ranger
  18. how the west was hung
  19. jeremiah's johnson
  20. junior boner
  21. little bathhouse on the prairie
  22. lonesome doug
  23. mccabe and mr. miller
  24. mclickcock
  25. my darling cumintime
  26. my pal's trigger
  27. oklahomo
  28. prances with wolves
  29. quickly down under
  30. rawhide male
  31. rump riders round up
  32. sagebrush tail
  33. tail blazer
  34. texas jackoff
  35. the godowners
  36. the hoarse soldiers
  37. the jackoff bull
  38. the legend of the long ranger
  39. the magnificent seven (inches)
  40. the man who shot all over liberty valance
  41. the pleasure of the sierra, padre
  42. the wild brunch
  43. true, he grits
  44. very raw hide
  45. wild bill's itchycock

These actual Western movie titles needed no changing whatsoever. Hollywood's had a gay agenda for a very long time.

  1. big jake
  2. black bart
  3. blazing saddles
  4. butch cassidy and the sundance kid
  5. giant
  6. go kill everybody and come back alone
  7. little big man
  8. partners of the sunset
  9. petticoat planet
  10. quiqley down under
  11. seven men from now
  12. single handed sanders
  13. the best bad man
  14. the cheyenne social club
  15. the last hard men
  16. the naked spur
  17. the shootist
  18. the squaw man
  19. the star packer
  20. the wild bunch
  21. the woman they almost lynched
  22. there was a crooked man
  23. tickle me
  24. two rode together
  25. young guns