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History of the C-141

This is a HUGE (29mb) PDF file containing a history of the C-141 prepared by some folks at MAC HQ. It was submitted to the C141 Heaven web site by Dave Grant, who is a treasure trove of information about the C-141. If you don't have a FAST internet connection, it will take you a really long time to download this file. It is a scanned report of over 400 pages....and was prepared back in 1971 before the days of word processors. Someday I may find time to OCR this into an HTML format. If you have (a lot of) time on your hands and would like to make a "contribution" to the project, you could download this file, print it out, and scan it into an OCR program so we can convert the whole thing to a text/html format for the web. This would be a massive project, but would greatly reduce the size of the file.

Until then, this is the best I can do. Use the Adobe Reader to view it, which you can download for free from their web site if you don't already have it installed on your machine.

History of the C-141

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