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C-141 Related News Links

The items below are links to news stories I have found via Google and Yahoo searches for "C-141". In most cases these are newspaper and TV station news reports. That's the ONLY criteria .. A reference to the C-141 must appear somewhere in the story, even if mentioned only in passing.

I can give no guarantee these links will stay valid as these sorts of web links are often only up for a brief period on the various web sites while the news is still current. If you find broken links please let me know and I'll try to resurrect them or simply remove them.

New links will be at the bottom of the list. I have included only the 'headline'. You'll have to click on the link to see the content, sometimes the story will be an odd one, perhaps editorial or political commentary. Many of these sites have obnoxious pop-up advertising of one sort or another. Please don't write me about it! It's not mine.

Happy surfing!

  1. News Report about Katrina Relief Efforts

  2. Military Leaders Describe Recovery Mission

  3. Discussion Board on this Respect item New Orleans, September 3rd, 2005

  4. Airlift Wing to Transport Patients

  5. NewsCenter 7ís Jim Baldridge Flies With 445th (STORY AND VIDEO)

  6. Refugees Arrival Delayed

  7. Pilot's widow tries to find a new normal

  8. Airplane ceremony today Travis

  9. First Air Force continues medical operations, support in disaster area

  10. Katrina coverage life-changing for writer

  11. Airlifters honor POWs/ MIAs, dedicate Golden Bear

  12. Missionaries risk lives to bring hope to foreign nations

  13. 445th Airlift Wing Called To Action In New Orleans

  14. Hurricane victims arrive in Nashville for Medical Treatment

  15. After days of despair, woman rejoices in pair of miracles

  16. Local crews on emotional mission
    Wright-Pat medics, others describe new kind of battle

  17. More Active, Guard Troops Join Katrina Response

  18. Demagoguing disaster...and not

  19. Kari speaks at last Air Base reunion

  20. 445th Airlift Wing Returns From Gulf Coast

  21. Long Flight Home For Soldiers

  22. WPAFBís 88th Medical Group Flies To New Orleans

  23. Skvarna sworn in as airport police chief

  24. Self impressed with community support

  25. CNN's Cafferty suggesting that Bush withheld hurricane aid to get a photo-op!

  26. Air Force grounds C-141 jet fleet

  27. U.S. may sedate Afghan detainees during flights

  28. 57th AS inactivates for the fourth time

  29. CNN was given rare access to MedEvac flights that carry the wounded out of Iraq

  30. Charlestonís C-17s Flying Wherever Thereís a Runway

  31. Mosul wounded arrive in Germany for treatment

  32. The C-141 plane carrying the prisoners landed shortly after 2 pm EST

  33. Investigators Seek Source of Explosion That Killed 22 at Iraq Mess Tent

  34. The invisible wounded--NEWS YOU WON'T FIND ON CNN

  35. U.S. Sweeps Through Mosul After Attack

  36. Water Cooler--What you don't see or hear on CNN

  37. Bush pays surprise visit to Iraq on Thanksgiving Day

  38. Lift -- Credible Power Projection

  39. First night in Cuba 'peaceful' for war detainees

  40. US Forces Push Toward Baghdad-'Fierce Resistance From Iraqi Troops'

  41. Operation Eagle Claw

  42. Mosul wounded arrive in Germany for treatment

  43. Former U.S. POWs arrive in Germany

  44. The Invisible Wounded: Injured U.S. Soldiers Arrive Home Under Cover of Darkness

  45. New policy eases the pain of medical flight procedures

  46. Storms-411

  47. Charleston AFB Newspaper Article

  48. Two missiles fired at US military plane in Baghdad

  49. Injured GIs Arrive In Germany

  50. C-141 that crashed tragically off the coast of Africa

  51. Eyeing Re-election, Bush Accepts Compromise On Iraq

  52. The Pope Air Force Base Aircraft Crash and Burn Disaster

  53. American RealPolitik: May 25, 2003 - May 31, 2003 Archives

  54. Infrared Telescopes

  55. Injured soldiers evacuated to the U.S. never arrive in the light of day --
    and the Pentagon has yet to offer a satisfactory explanation why.

  56. The alert that would never end

  57. Do You Know Where Your Soldiers Are?

  58. CNN reporter revisits Ramstein following USS Cole tragedy

  59. On the Move

  60. They chose a C-141 to go in daylight hours

  61. Flight 847 into Hell

  62. 07 Sep 95 - Transcript : DoD News Briefing : Thursday, September 7 ...

  63. Hale-Bopp comet caused C-141 Crash?

  64. Added Friday, September 23 2005
  65. AMC 'chasing the clock' to move hundreds of Hurricane Rita evacuees

  66. 445th Airlift Wing Called For Hurricane Rita Evacuation

  67. Up the coast, it's a race against time

  68. Wright-Pat crew flies into Rita's path

  69. Summary of Wright-Pat relief efforts

  70. Local crews on emotional mission

  71. Added Saturday, September 24 2005
  72. Air Force Evacuates Thousands; Crews, Aircraft Standing By

  73. Added Friday, October 7 2005
  74. Swan song for versatile C-141 StarLifter cargo plane at Ramstein Air Force Evacuates Thousands; Crews, Aircraft Standing By

  75. Sunrise, Sunset (from Lockheed, CODEONE Magazine)

  76. Aerial Photos of DM Boneyard (Google-Earth)

  77. C-141 approaches historical conclusion as last flight nears

  78. C-141 flies last mission from combat zone

  79. Same story...different headline...
  80. Air Force Reservists Fly Last C-141 Mission to Combat Zone

  81. Wright-Patt reservists continue hurricane relief support

  82. Prevented medicine:
    Area docs say red tape, incompetence kept them from doing job in Big Easy

  83. Last Flight For C-141

  84. Rita rains chaos on coast; Houston may escape the worst

  85. Added: Saturday, October 8 2005
  86. Going From Surplus to Cheap

  87. Added: Wednesday, November 2 2005
  88. Maj. Gen. Scott R. Nichols will serve as reviewing officer for the 2005 Wyoming Valley Veteranís Day Parade

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