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Msgt Bill "Huggybear" Hodges
former C-141 Flight Engineer

I hope there is a place somewhere in the sky
Where airplanes go when they have to die
A place where they can be serviced and fixed by the best
For planes flown hard and really, truly need a rest
A place where no breaker or re-cycler dare tread
And a cutting torch wielder would be flat out shot dead
Here they would be safe and be left alone
From the government no-bodies and management clones

Just a quaint little air base, kind out of the way
Where admirers would visit and point to say
You were designed with gadgets far ahead of your time
But when it came down to it, you flew just fine
A field where the crews and planes are one
And when asked, they'd scream: "We don' need any stinkin' Dash 1"
You've been home to this special breed for all these years
And each time you brought them home easing their family's fears

There must be an air base where old airplanes go
When their airframes creak and their airspeed runs low
Where the fuel is unwatered and the crew chiefs really do care
And stories about great deeds and times are openly shared
A ramp that's neither too hot nor too cold
And manned by ghostly crews both brave and bold
These planes would meet their brothers who have flown west before
Names like Phantom, Mustang and Shakey, Gooney and B-24

Then through the quiet fog would stride this old guy
His tread on your deck not felt in years, but YOU taught him to fly
He'd poke, nod, stroke a cowling or two, and grin ear to ear
Do a walk-around and say, "Welcome old friend, glad you are here"
This is your parking spot where true airplanes do come
When their journeys are over and their wars have been won.
So park it here in victory's shade, enjoy a long rest
This is heaven old friend, you've passed your last test

Dedicated to the C-141,
A plane that gave us the world in seven league boots
and brought us home time after time