JimmyJay's C-141 Stories

NOTE: I checked these links in January of 2008...JimmyJay.Com may be 'off line'. There's a note about the site 'being remodeled' and a message to 'check back in 2013'. I'm guessing he might have abandoned his effort to post stories on a web site. I will try to resurrect what I can from a web history and post the C-141 related stories here as time permits.

Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson is a commercial pilot who does a bit of writing on the side. He runs a web site called www.jimmyjay.com where he publishes some of his stories and a few of his favorites recipes.

He once flew C-141's and has written about 100 pages of short stories about them which you can read [in PDF form] at this link.

There are dozens of stories about his experiences included in this batch of 'Tall Tales', many of which involve the C-141. He's planning on writing another book about his airline experiences, but plans to wait until he retires (for reasons you can probably guess).

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