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If you have anything you want to contribute for inclusion on C141Heaven, please do so. I prefer higher resolution items if possible, as they can easily be edited and re-sized for the web pages. I've got the software tools to repair just about any problem (color, cropping, dust spots, scratches, etc.) so don't hesitate to send in something that appears to be of marginal quality.

There are several options available.

1. You can email anything you already have in digital format (e.g., digital photos, documents, PDF files, etc.) or items which you are able scan in yourself. If your material is too large for email attachment (more than about 10 mb) I can send you a link to a secure Google Drive folder so you can send it electronically.

You can email me using this email address:


2. If you can not get your material in digital form I can do that for you. When C141Heaven started in July of 2004 I convinced my wife that I needed all new 'toys' and purchased a new digital camera, flat-bed scanner, film scanner (for 35mm slides and negatives), and a copy of PhotoShop. I will scan whatever you have and return it back to you promptly along with a CD full of everything you send in for your files.

3. If need to send anything to me by mail please use this mailing address:

Mike Novack
6890 E Sunrise Drive STE # 120
PMB #30
Tucson, AZ 85750

This is a UPS store where I receive all my mail deliveries as the USPS seems to have trouble delivering reliably to my home address. The UPS store can receive US mail, and packages delivered by any delivery service (UPS, of course, as well as FedEx, etc.)

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