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C-141 Tail Number:65-0248

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Copyright © - Ben Wang

At March AFB
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65-0248 was flown from March AFB to the boneyard at DM (Tucson) in the early spring of 2005. It sat there waiting for the guillotine when it received a sudden reprieve and was re-activated and flown to Warner Robins.

Copyright © - Phil Kovaric

The following news story describes a little bit about this aircraft.

The above series of photos and news story came from the Robins-Rev Up following the arrival of 248 at Warner Robbins in the early summer of 2005.

There are additional photos taken by Dave Grant after 248's arrival at Warner Robbins of the last flight at this link

Movie:Warning: VERY LARGE .WMV FILE (16.5mb) of news report produced by AF on the LAST C141 PDM at Robins (65-0248)

In the fall of 2005, 65-0248 was dismantled and moved to the Warner Robins museum where it will be reassembled and placed on permanent display.

The following series of photos were taken by Erwin Ross on 11/20/2005 while the aircraft was being moved. Note the B1 in the background on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th photos. The C-141 leads the way, of course.

The following series of photos were taken by Dave Grant on Saturday, 11/26/2005 once the rest of the pieces had arrived.

In March 2006 I got the following note and series of photos from Erwin Ross:

Since November things have been slow around the museum, not a lot of work going on due to bad weather and equipment problems. The last week of Febuary things really got hopping. The wings and vertical have been installed on 248, but high winds halted the installation of the T-tail. It should be completed this upcoming week. Here are some photos of the work going on.

All taken in March 2006
Copyright © - Erwin Ross

In late 2006 John Vadas sent me the following photos of 248, now reassembled and in position for display at Warner-Robins.

Copyright © - John Vadas

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