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C-141 Tail Number: 65-0277

At McChord, Miss Washington State hits the bottle with a C-141

Copyright: Alan McNight

Copyright: Chris Smallenberg
Chris has a number of other great C-141 shots at the link below. They are organized by air show location and date,
rather than aircraft type. You have to browse a bit to find the C-141 shots, but they are all good photos, and his site is well worth a visit.

In December 2005 C141Heaven received these photos and comments from John Funk, who works for the US Navy.

My dad (MSgt John R. Funk) is a retired Flight Engineer from the 8th ALS at McChord AFB. I grew up there in Tacoma and all through high school and college volunteered at the McChord AFB Air Museum. I worked on 65-0277 when it was transferred to the museum. Did some minor work including replacing cockpit windshield glass and general cleaning of the old bird. I've since graduated (Aero Engineering Degree, Univ of Wa) and am an Aerospace Engineer with the US Navy (EA-6B Prowler Program) in Jacksonville Fl. I went back home this past summer to attend a 62nd ALW reunion with my dad. I hadn't seen 65-0277 since it was repainted and moved to the new airpark overlooking the runway. The airplane looks great! Here's some pictures I'd like to share.

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