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C-141 Tail Number:

December 13th, 2005

This is the aircraft that became famous as the "Hanoi Taxi". A huge send-off for it is planned for May 2006, when it will make one last flight from Wright-Patterson to the Air Force Museum.

Here's the link to the web site that will be coordinating this event: www.starlifterfarewell.com .

On December 13th, 2005, a special photo shoot flight for 177 was made to get a bunch of pictures before it is gone for good. The photos circulated widely among many personnel at Wright-Patterson and some good folks sent them along for all of us to share. Here they are:

USAF Photos

The following set of pictures were submitted by James Fuller and taken with his camera by Msgt John Wesley, who is shown smiling in the first picture.

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