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C-141 Places
I've Been Everywhere

Altus, Oklahoma

Most crew members who ever flew the C-141 spent time at Altus. Here's some photos to bring back some memories for you.

School House

Flight Safety International Instructors
Front Row: Left to Right: Bob Gee, Larry Graham, Roger Cantley, Steve Harbour
Back Row. Left to Right: Phil Foley, Carl Duerson, Mel Schliemann
Photo Copyright: Sylvia Young who was in scheduling.

Simulator Building

This is the parking lot side of the 57 Airlift Squadron building 164
(the 57th was in building 444 before the move to the one in the photograph).
Bill Weeper is standing where everyone used to put their bags before and after flying.
To the right of the 57th building is the simulator building and
to the left of the building (not visible) is where the 56th and 58th Airlift Squadron are located.

These two photos were submitted by Bill Watkins.

Altus BX, 1975

Base Theater, 1975

In May 1982, Altus suffered a catastrophic tornado event. These photos show the tornado in progress.

Here's the aftermath.

And of course, some aircraft were damaged as well. It's interesting to see these are mostly C-5's photos. I'm guessing that they were not capable of flying away to safety for maintenance reasons.

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