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McGuire AFB, NJ

If you have more pictures or stories about the C-141 and McGuire please send them in to me at this link.

McGuire Air Force Base, built on property ceded by the Boy Scouts of America, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the contiguous Fort Dix, has served the nation proudly for decades. Originally, it was intended to be used as a home for observation antisubmarine reconnaissance aircraft and army support as Fort Dix Army Air Field, but the focus of the base quickly changed as a result of its strategic location.

Among its many achievements, McGuire was the first American military base to become operational with the F-106 Delta Dart; the first base to operate an all-jet military transport, the C-135 Stratolifter; and finally, the first base to become operational with a ground-launched antiaircraft nuclear missile squadron. In the 1950s, McGuire became the air force's principal aerial port on the East Coast-a role it continues to this day.

These pictures are from postcards sold as a set. I found the whole thing on eBay .. about 50 sets of them being sold as a lot. Fortunately, the seller took photos of most of the cards, and showed each one on the sale page.

July 2011 - I got this note from Ron Arrington

July 2011 - I got this note from Ron Arrington:

I was stationed at Mcguire AFB from 1973-75 working as a Crew Chief on the C-141. This is a clipping from the Mcguire Airtides, (base newspaper) and the comments made by the Wing Commander during Operation Nickel Grass. As a two striper back then, it did impress me a bit and I guess that explains why I still have it with my military papers.

Ron Arrington
USAF Retired

Over the past few years I've noticed lots of books detailing local history of towns and many military bases around the country. These are available a many Costco stores (usually only for the surrounding area). All editions in the whole series seem to be available on Amazon.

Some Google Earth pics of the Ramp ... in the C-141 days..

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