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C-141 Heaven -- Parting Out a C-141

These photos are from eBay and other places. If you need to get any spare parts for that C-141 you've got on jacks in the back-40, eBay is a good starting point. As the folks at AMARC do their job it seems more and more parts are showing up for sale.

   I bought a set of these on eBay for about $50.00

Search for Osama with this one.

It sits in my garage, waiting to become a desk lamp.

Wake up the neighbors.

Great Coffee Table Material

You could burn your TV dinners with this.

Then evacuate the house while wearing this.

This next set of photos comes courtesy of BPB Surplus in Orlando. A few of these first appeared on eBay and I emailed them and asked for some additional and more detailed photos and they graciously responded with what you see below. Since my wife won't let me buy it for a garden decoration, these pics will have to do for now.

Thanks to Blaine Scarford for pointing out these photos of a crew member seat found on eBay. If you haven't already spent enough hours in one of these you can pick it up on eBay for more "seat time". Without those nice orange cushions it might seem a bit hard for most of us these days. Opening bid was $125.00 as of 6/28 and no bids had been received.

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