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C141Heaven: 2004 Blog

Saturday, December 18 2004 (08:42 AM)

New photo of 65-0246 Wing Damage

Mark Wilson unearthed a couple of photographs of the wing damage that occurred to 65-0246 when it ran into a light pole at Travis during a night taxi accident. They can be seen on the 65-0246page.

Friday, December 17 2004

First Flight Anniversary

Dave Grant pointed out that today is the 41stanniversary of the C-141's FIRST FLIGHT.

Monday, December 13 2004 (07:14 AM)

Near Miss Story

A new "Tall-Tail" about a Near Miss has been posted. You can read it at this link.

Saturday, November 27 2004 (09:15 AM)

Operation Homecoming Missions List

Dave Grant sent a list of these missions. See this link for details. .

Saturday, November 27 2004 (08:01 AM)

Little Tid-Bit of Additional Info on 64-0644

Dan McKeever sent in a little snippet of information about what caused this aircraft to meet its fate.

Saturday, November 27 2004 (07:34 AM)

Crash Wreckage Recovery Photos

Les Crosby sent in photos of the recovered wreckage of 64-0641, which crashed in the Olympic Mountains near Seattle in 1975. The photos are near the bottom of the 64-0641 page. I am still searching for a photo of this aircraft before it was destroyed. .

Friday, November 26 2004 (06:08 AM)

Patches Pages Reorganized

I've been getting a bunch of new patches and related material. It was starting to get too large to have on a single page so they are all reorganized for easier viewing. Check this link for the new index page. If you have more: email or contact me .

Thursday, November 11 2004 (04:13 AM)


The first phase (there will be many) of an effort to put together a complete C-141 Chronology, from day 1. See the Day By Daylink for the result. Remember, this is only the 'beta'. There will be much more, especially with your help!

Tuesday, November 16 2004 (20:51)

New Link

Two things. First, we found 614 (at DM) after a bit of confusion. Those good ole boys from Mississippi didn't steal it after all.

Sunday, November 14 2004 (10:56 AM)

Missing C-141?

I need some help on this one. A guy who was on the crew of 64-0614 when it had a two engine failure in Australia asked the current where-abouts of this tail number. (Note:By the way, he said a lot of the info in the above referenced report about the incident is wrong, including the date. Should be 31 OCT 77, Not 15 OCT 77. I'm waiting for him to send me updated details so we can get it corrected here on the web site.)

"No problem", I thought, "I'll just check the 'biglist'". No indication of where it is was found there.

"OK, Plan B. I'll look at the currently known flying ones!" Not there either. I contacted a guy who works at DM/Boneyard. Not in his list.

These are the leading theories at the moment. If you have better info, please let me know:

1. Aliens took it up in a spaceship and had sex with it. Where do think the C-17 came from? There's an Area-51 connection here that the AF won't talk about.

Think about it: 3 rhymes with 'C', and it's the 3'rd letter of the alphabet. So 3 x 17 = 51

2. Iraqi insurgents took it hostage. I haven't heard Peter Jennings talking about this.

3. The Miss. ANG group (that last had it) may have turned south on the way to DM and are now running 'scheduled service' between somewhere in Mexico and parts unknown in the southwestern US desert to help undocumented workers make their way to a better life.

4. Vice President Dick Cheney uses it to fly his retirement cash from Halliburton around the country just out of reach of the IRS agents. I did hear Michael Moore talk about this just before the election.

Thursday, November 11 2004 (04:13 AM)


The first phase (there will be many) of an effort to put together a complete C-141 Chronology, from day 1. See the Day By Daylink for the result. Remember, this is only the 'beta'. There will be much more, especially with your help!

Thursday, November 11 2004 (04:13 AM)


Put up a new T-Tail Tall-Tale story about Amstel & Steak in a foreign land.

Tuesday, November 9 2004 (03:48 PM)

A few more patches received and posted

Check out the patches page if you have not been there already.

Friday, November 5 2004 (10:09 AM)

Photos of 64-0644 Being Scrapped @ McGuire

Check it out here. If you know more about how this poor creature got into this predicament, please send me a note so we can add details.

Friday, November 5 2004 (10:11 AM)

No sooner said than done!

Well, I asked for more fine art, and somebody obliged. They sent in another version which was probably the original. It appears that this one may have been cloned into the Flight Engineer version by just changing the title. This is your typical LOADMASTER, in color, of course.

Check it out here.

Wednesday, November 3 2004 (04:24 PM)

Great Picture of Typical F.E.

Check it out here. If you have more of this fine art, please send it in.

Saturday, October 30 2004 (06:35 AM)

More Patches Added

Added a number of new C-141 related patches. If you have some that are not shown here, please send them in. If you know anything about them (I'm missing a lot of details on many of them) send that along too.

Friday, October 29 2004 (05:51 PM)

66-0177 - Hanoi Taxi

I finally got a few photos of the famous Hanoi Taxi out there. Click Here: 66-0177 If anyone has stories or other info about it, please send them to me.

Thursday, October 28 2004 (03:57 PM)

Flying Truck Book Posted

Scanned and posted a copy of "STARLIFTER-Lockheed's High-Speed Flying Truck". Click here to read it.

Thursday, October 21 2004 (11:13 AM)

Updated information about the Pope F-16/C-130/C-141 Incident

Added information about the accident involving 66-0173 from new sources, including a complete list of Army personnel killed in the accident.

Tuesday, October 19 2004 (07:21 AM)

New C-141 Heaven Logo

I spent an hour with Photoshop and created a new C-141 Heaven Logo.

Tuesday, October 19 2004 (04:53 AM)

New Tall Tales

Rich Reichelt, C-141 Heaven's most prolific budding author, strikes again.His latest stories:

Unique Cargo

Passing the Hours on NorthPacroutes

Thunderstorm over Heng Chung


Memories II - (No Bad MUSIC!)

Love & Marriage

Monday, October 18 2004 (11:19 AM)

New Photo of 64-0614

Added a new photo to the 64-0614 page.

Monday, October 18 2004 (09:12 AM)

Fire On The Gound Photo

Added a new photo to the "Fire On the Ground" tall tale which can be seen this link.

Sunday, October 17 2004 (05:04 PM)

Mishap Briefing Posted

Posted Paul Hansen's 'complete' C-141 MishapBriefing report, a very nice detailed accounting of all the incidents and accidents that have happened since the beginning of time.

Sunday, October 17 2004 (03:32 PM)

Updated info on 'still-flying' tail numbers

A current list of tail numbers still flying can be found at this link..

October 10th, 2004


Got some new PDF files containing C-141 checklists and manuals. See this link for the complete list.

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