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C141Heaven: 2015 Blog

June 12, 2015

Another C-141 Trinket

C141Heaven got an email from a guy in Illinois who said has some of these:

His note said "I have some of these available if you know of anyone that might be interested in one. They are brand new composite repro's of the aluminum originals."

I know nothing more about them, how much he wants for them, the method of construction, quality, etc. You can contact him at this email address: WJohn1156@aol.com

March 3, 2015

C-141 Yoke Emblems

If you haven't been hanging around the C-141 Startlifter group on Facebook, you missed the plans to make a replica yoke emblem.

The goal was to replicate the original as accurately as possible, including materials, colors, embossed lettering, and the adhesive back. The colors will be an exact match to the original via a computerized color matching process. They will be made of .012 inches thick aluminum. This is 2/1000ths of an inch thicker than the original one I have but it is the standard material thickness they use for this sort of thing. They are not DECALS. The size and shape is shown above. After searching the country far and wide I found a company that specializes in these sort of metal labels.

I know it seems like overkill for such a simple thing, but after 20 years in the software biz, I know that few people ever read all the directions (I'm as guilty as anyone). The info below answers every question that anyone might ask (that I could think of).

Here's the details if you want to order some.

  1. The price is $10.00 each.

  2. There will be shipping charge of $1.50 to cover postage and shipping supplies. This is per order, not per label. Overseas shipping will be based on actual costs.

  3. Billing/payment will be by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal, though you must be careful when going to their site as they will try to trick you into signing up for one. After you enter your info you have the option to 'create account' or 'skip for now'. If you don't want an account, be sure to pick the 'skip' option.

    It doesn't cost anything to have a PayPal account and it can actually be convenient sometimes but it may get you on another mailing list.

    Using PayPal you can pay by credit card, debit card, or even have them directly debit your bank checking account. Other than your name and shipping address, NONE of the details of your payment (method, account or card numbers, etc.) will be available to me.

    During payment processing they will require you to enter an address. Be careful when you do this as it will be a 'Cut and Paste' operation for me to create a mailing label for you. Last year a few folks with older PayPal accounts did not notice that the address on their files was their previous address not their current one. The address on your PayPal account will be the place I ship to, unless you email me other shipping directions separate from your PayPal payment. Be sure to do this at the same time you pay as I will usually ship the day after your payment comes through.

    If you don't want to use PayPal, I will accept a check for payment, but this will add at least 10 days to allow time for the check to clear and if your check bounces you'll be on my permanent s*** list!


    Mailing address is:

    Mike Novack
    6890 E Sunrise Drive #120-30
    Tucson, AZ 85750

If you want some emblems, click here to send me the needed information.

As of of mid 2015 I have plenty left.

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